Top stories in 2020: #1 Coronavirus

There’s simply no way around it. Whether you refer to it as coronavirus, COVID-19, the China Virus, ‘rona, or even simply “that virus thing,” it has permeated every facet of life for Americans — and Lintonians.

What started as actually a false report of the first case in Greene County, eventually ravaged through Glenburn Nursing Home, closed restaurants and local eateries, shuttered the city pool’s season, and cancelled the annual Freedom Festival, as well as the nearby Covered Bridge Festival, among others.

Aside from all the negativity surrounding it, though, local people shined through with positive works, including Pizza Villa feeding local small businesses, local organizations organizing food giveaways, and a local church hosting a virtual prom for people with disabilities, as examples. Eventually, local schools found a way to continue educating, stimulus funds arrived with a second round in the works, and local musicians took to online platforms to perform and break up the monotony in a small community in a worldwide crisis.

The links above are just a small portion of the stories that included the coronavirus in some way, making it clearly the #1 story on The Lintonian. We hope this new year will be a much better… may 2021 be a happy and healthy New Year for all of us!

Thank you for reading The Lintonian! Happy New Years!

Featured photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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