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Community in times of crisis

It feels surreal writing this, in such unique times. Over the past few weeks, our world has moved from cautiously optimistic about the oddly sounding Coronavirus in China, while we made lighthearted jokes about Mexican light beer. Now the entire world is basically closed. The streets of New York are silent, flights to Europe are cancelled, and even our quiet corner of the world in Linton is being turned upside-down.

I want to reiterate right now, this is a serious issue, and I am not a doctor, so please listen to the WHO and the CDC.

Being a small city, with a population less than most concerts, we’re not going to get a bailout. We’re going to have to get through this together. The few of us who have been writing on The Lintonian for the past 10 years (Happy Birthday to us on April 12th!) aren’t part of a large company, aren’t backed by money, nor have any agenda other than making Linton better. We’re just people like you, with real families and real worries.

Over the next coming weeks, and possibly months, we’re going to try and keep our community updated with the information they need. There’s a lot of places where talk is happening–in newspapers, on Facebook, on Twitter, in the aisles of Walmart (for now). Hopefully we can bring the important things together here so everyone can benefit.

We don’t want to do do this alone, and probably can’t. We encourage anyone and everyone to help out. Use the Contact Us page, or hit us up on Facebook, or even if you’re interested in writing an article or two, let us know.

So feel free to follow us here, or on Facebook. On this site, we’re going to set up a special #covid-19 tag for all posts and pages that may be important for our community.

To start with, we’re continuing with a recent Facebook post we did about our current local restaurants that are still offering service:

I’ll end with a nerdy but timely quote that I’ve seen floating around recently:

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  1. Derrick, Very well stated just hope everyone is keeping an open mind. Time to leave the politics behind and help one another.

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