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Statement from Linton Mayor, John Wilkes

From the Desk of Linton Mayor John Wilkes

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Before tackling some health related topics I want to thank our awesome electric department for quickly restoring power this morning.

I want everyone to know that City Hall remains open. However, in an effort to limit possible exposure to our staff (especially utility office) we would appreciate you use the drive-thru when possible. Securely paying your utilities via online service with your credit card is also a better choice than face to face.

Over the last few days we’ve all experienced unprecedented concerns for Linton. Among the chaos and worries I’ve witness this town unite with a lot of kindness toward others. I want to thank those who have cooperated with our schools, hospital, county and state leadership. We all have the same goal of slowing the spread of this coronavirus and not overwhelming our hospitals. If we do this right nothing will happen… which is exactly what we want.

To the local merchants and restaurant owners, you have my utmost respect for tackling the challenges you’re facing. I urge all residents to help keep our backbone afloat. We all share the burden of working our way through this pandemic as a family or at least with a partnership mentality. Utilize the carry-out and drive-thru services.

Please follow all state and national directions. Take the social distancing seriously and wash your hands frequently. Complete guidelines on precautions are on this page in previous post. We must do everything in our power to keep our county hospital running efficiently and not unnecessarily overwhelmed.

My last request is that we remember to check in on our elderly Lintonians through phone calls.

John Wilkes
City of Linton, Indiana

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