About Us

The Lintonian is a place where the people of Linton, Indiana can connect to the great little City they call home.  What began as a collaborative blog of sorts, fed solely by local contributors, you can now find lots of great news here including info about new businesses moving into the community, alerts about local arrests, and community announcements, as well as locally and seasonally inspired recipes, day or weekend trip ideas, and history.

What’s great about The Lintonian is that the content does not come from professional journalists; it comes from everyday people whom have a passion for the topics on which they write.  Also, our content is not controlled by an accounting department; so instead of reading about mass market news, you might learn about how statewide or nationwide events affect us in southern Indiana, view hometown high school sports photos, or learn about a Greene County getaway that you never knew existed.

We think that you’ll like The Lintonian and we want you to come back and visit often. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up for the mailing list. Periodically we will have contests where we give away local items, coupons, and gift certificates. Content will be updated daily, so you’ll never know what might be in store!

About The Lintonian and TheLintonian.com

The Lintonian is locally owned and operated by SCDP CAPITAL, LLC based in Linton, Indiana.