Feed Store Brewing Co responds to public environmental notice issued

After the Greene County Health Department issued a public notice of findings the other day regarding the Feed Store Brewing Company site in Bloomfield, there has been a lot of confusion. The notice went through the history of the environmental contamination found there, what has been done over the past several years to clean it up, including the removal of 1,840 tons of soil, and concluded that the site was was ready for “site closure”.

To some, this term may have translated into the confusion that the Feed Store business was being closed, but that could not be further from the truth. Rather, it meant that the environmental concern had been remediated to the point that the case could essentially be closed.

As Steven Corbin with the Feed Store Brewing Company told The Lintonian, the process has been a big undertaking. “The cleanup was conducted in 2018, and they’ve been monitoring since,” Corbin said.

With that said, The Lintonian wanted to clarify the article from the other day and stress the notice must be read in its entirety due to a lot of technical language used within the notice. In short, Corbin’s own words probably summed it up the best, though, “site closure means no longer monitoring by the state.”

His comment is in reference to a public notice sent out to local news organization, which is embedded in it entirety below:

Corbin said the Feed Store has received some questions about the article this morning. “We are not closing!” Corbin stressed.

Feed Store Beer Co., is located on the west side of Bloomfield, Indiana, opening its doors to the public in October 2020. According to their website, their taproom is currently closed, but the patio is open weather permitting. They currently are offering beer and cider for carry out. A full selection of beer and merchandise can be found online.

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