Are little ants seemingly everywhere on your kitchen countertop?

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In nature, ants are beneficial insects. When they get into your house, though, it is a different matter; these beneficial insects quickly become unwanted pests.

Hundreds of ants walking along your kitchen counter are not only unwanted pests in your home, but perhaps embarrassing, as well. Friends and family will likely think your housekeeping is — well — lacking when they see your little house guests. Hundreds of little guests, that is.

Truth be known, the ants that have invaded your living area have little to do with how tidy you keep your house. Rather, it shows the ants’ ability to find food no matter how difficult it may be. Also likely, it shows the outside soil is probably saturated with rain and melting snow, forcing the colony out into your home.

Initially, you may be inclined to spray something on the seemingly hundreds of ants on your counters, and that may very well kill the ones that come in contact with the spray immediately. Make no mistake, though, that will not control them. With hundreds and hundreds of ants in the colony, the ants will continue to come and spraying the ones you see will just be a losing battle.

So, when you are overrun by ants and figure out sprays aren’t working, except killing those that you see at that moment, it is time to call a professional. Pest control companies have experience in disrupting the life cycle of common pests, and they are specially trained to control infestations with minimal use of chemicals. They will know what professional-grade tools to use, and they will know where to locate them for maximum control over your ant invasion.

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