School nurse advises parents on new COVID-19 testing acceptance

In a message to parents this afternoon, the Linton-Stockton School Nurse, Brandee McKee, BSN, RN, advised on the new guidelines for COVID-19 testing regarding students and staff members. In the message, she stated:

There have been some changes at the CDC level that the state is adopting and having schools follow, in regards to Rapid (Antigen) Testing. Moving forward from today, a negative rapid (antigen) test is not considered an acceptable result by itself. Therefore, if a student/staff member is symptomatic it is highly encouraged for the student/staff member to have the PCR (molecular) test done. 

With that being said:

If a student or staff member is symptomatic and has a negative rapid (antigen) test he/she will not be allowed back in school until:

1. S/he completes 10 days of isolation, just as if he/she were positive, OR

2. Student/Staff member has a PCR test done and it is negative, OR

3. Student/Staff member has a differential diagnosis from a healthcare provider. 

With this change at the CDC and State level, if a student/staff member is symptomatic and is placed on COVID-19 precautions, then receives a negative PCR test, cannot be a RAPID (antigen) test, he/she may return to campus once his/her symptoms resolve.

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