Greene County Council meeting – January 25th, 2021

In its meeting this gloomy afternoon at the Greene County Courthouse, the County Council elected Gregg Roudebush as its President and Kelly Zimmerly as its Vice President; each were elected unanimously by the board with the proposed person abstaining from the vote. Gregg Roudebush, Joe Huntington, Kelly Zimmerly, Ron Lehman, and Karen Abrams were present in the third floor Commissioners’ Room with Jerry Frye and Brent Murray attending the meeting via phone.

Shari Lewis, the Health Administrator for the Greene County Health Department, approached the Council for approval for two new vehicles with health department-themed vehicle wraps for her department, which yielded a fair amount of discussion. A motion to advertise was proposed and passed, 7-0. She also noted that the COVID-19 vaccine age limit is still 70 years old, but is expected to be dropped in the next week or so.

The Drug and alcohol Director approached the Council for a new part-time position focusing on mental health. Judge Dena Martin spoke in favor of the new position and said the position will help with recidivism at the County Jail. The new position and the appropriation for the salary and training was approved, 7-0.

Matt Baker spoke for the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office regarding corrections to various accounts for paying the salaries of the Deputy Prosecutors, including the County’s newest hire of Edward Linneweber. CASA also approached the Council regarding changes to salary ordinances. The changes were approved, 7-0. Matt Baker again spoke before the Council for the Solid Waste District regarding salaries, as well as acceptance of certain budget encumbrances.

The slate of annual Council appointees was unanimously approved with some slight changes, including the Redevelopment Commission appointment was changed to Kristi Hartzburg, who also serves as the Taylor Township Trustee, as well.

The full livestream of the meeting can be viewed at the link below:

Featured photo is the Greene County Courthouse, file photo – The Lintonian, 2020

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