Congressional stimulus bill criticized by President this evening

The stimulus bill that Congress had finally agreed to, and it was thought would be signed by the President into law, may now be derailed after being “much different than anticipated.”

In a video posted to Twitter, the President said, “I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000, or $4,000 for a couple.” He criticized the legislation for paying out too little to hard-working Americans, saying “Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists, and special interests.”

Trump also provided a laundry list of what he called wasteful spending contained in the bill, saying, “…among the more than 5,000 pages in this bill, which nobody in Congress has read because of its length and complexity, it’s called the Covid relief bill, but it has almost nothing to do with Covid.”

The full video is embedded below. Stay tuned for further developments…

Featured photo by Alexander Kovalev from Pexels

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