BREAKING: Congress agrees to stimulus deal, $600 checks to Americans

It was announced that Congress has finally agreed to a stimulus deal at about 6pm this evening after months of debate. The actual and exact legislation that includes the $900 billion COVID-19 portion that will ride on the omnibus funding package is being written at the moment, but we believe the following is included:

The deal is said to include $600 checks directly to each adult and child, although who will qualify exactly is still up to definition, but we understand adult dependents appear to be specifically excluded. Additionally, money for accelerating the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, additional but targeted EIDL grants to small businesses, extending the eviction moratorium for renters, as well as banning surprise medical billing will sneak into the legislation. Unemployment benefits, such as a $300 federal boost, will be extended for another eleven (11) weeks.

We will publish additional details as more information becomes available.

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