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UPDATED: No active COVID-19 cases present at Glenburn

Updated on May 27th, 2020 at 2:30pm:

Based on information obtained from the latest Glenburn COVID-19 update, we’ve learned that there are currently no active cases present at the Glenburn facility. Three (3) residents who tested positive for COVID-19 remain in the hospital.

The number of recoveries now stands at 71. The recovery count for employees has risen to 27.

Here is the breakdown of COVID-19 cases at Glenburn Home:

Resident Positive Cases –

  • Three (3) active cases
  • Zero (0) are being cared for within the Glenburn facility
  • Three (3) residents have been admitted to the hospital

Resident Recoveries* – 71

  • Sixty-seven (71) total resident recoveries
  • Sixty-three (67) residents are still residing at Glenburn
  • Four (4) residents have been discharged to home

Resident Deaths – 22

  • Twenty-two (22) confirmed COVID-19 deaths
  • One (1) suspected COVID-19 death.

Employee Positive Cases – 6

  • Six (6) employees have tested positive and are currently quarantined

Employee Recoveries – 27

  • Twenty (27) employees who previously tested positive have recovered from the COVID-19 virus

*Recoveries are determined by our Glenburn’s Medical Director in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Photo courtesy of Glenburn Home

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