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COVID-19 cases down, recovery counts up for Glenburn

According to today’s daily COVID-19 update posted on, it appears that the Coronavirus pandemic is taking a turn for the better at our local nursing home.

Active positive resident cases have fallen to just 23 while the amount of recoveries has jumped to 53. The recovery count for employees has risen to 17.

Here is the breakdown of COVID-19 cases at Glenburn Home:

Resident Positive Cases – 23

  • Twenty-three (23) active cases
  • Seventeen (17) are being cared for within the Glenburn facility
  • Six (6) residents have been admitted to the hospital

Resident Recoveries* – 53

  • Fifty-three (53) total resident recoveries
  • Forty-nine (49) residents are still residing at Glenburn
  • Four (4) residents have been discharged to home

Resident Deaths – 20

  • Nineteen (19) confirmed COVID-19 deaths
  • One (1) suspected COVID-19 death.

Employee Positive Cases – 13

  • Thirteen (13) employees have tested positive and are currently quarantined
  • Two (2) employees are awaiting test results

Employee Recoveries – 17

  • Seventeen (17) employees who previously tested positive have recovered from the COVID-19 virus

*Recoveries are determined by our Glenburn’s Medical Director in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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