Free pet microchips for Greene County pets for several days during May & June

From the Greene County Humane Society:

According to a recent press release issued by the Board President for the Greene County Humane Society, Kegan Inman, the organization will be offering six microchip clinics across Greene County over three weekends in May to offer free pet microchipping for cats and dogs to county residents.

According to the American Humane Society, one out of every three pets will go missing at some point in its life. In 2021, the Greene County Humane Society took in 145 stray animals and the original owners could not be located for 114 of them.

The number one way to reunite a lost pet to its family is with the use of a microchip. A pet microchip is a very small RF chip, about the size of a grain of rice, which is implanted under a pet’s skin and then registered into a database with the owner’s contact information. When a lost pet is found, it can be taken to a shelter, rescue, vets office or some law enforcement agencies and if a chip is found, the owner’s information can be looked up and then contacted to be reunited with their pet.

To help Greene County residents locate their lost animals more quickly, the Greene County Humane Society has partnered with Fi to offer free microchipping and lifetime registration for several days in May and June. In addition, if your animal has a chip that is not currently registered or you are unsure if it is registered, they will perform a free chip scan and offer free lifetime chip registration for animals that are already chipped.

The chip provider and event sponsor, Fi, is the manufacturer of the Fi GPS Collar that uses GPS tracking and cellular networks to allow you to track your dog’s location at any time. Fi also offers an affordable and user friendly microchip that is universally read by microchip scanners, available in the AAHA lookup tool and offers free lifetime registration and registration updating. The Greene County Humane Society has used Fi chips for over a year with great success.

The humane society plans to host a roadshow of six mini-clinics in different areas of the county to reach as many animals as possible. The goal is to chip at least 300 animals through their 2022 drive but there is no limit to the number of animals that will be chipped.

The free microchipping event will take place until June 4th.

During this time, animals can be brought to the Greene County Humane Society, located at 1026 N
1375 W, in Linton — by appointment, please — to get microchipped and registered. The humane society can
also scan animals for microchips at any time. There will also be six clinics, each lasting three hours where people can come and get their animals chipped.

The Clinics Will Be As Follows:

May 28
Old Lyons Fire Department from 8 AM – 11 AM
Located at 150 E Broad Street, Lyons (across from Green Dental) with parking along west side of building

Beech Creek Township Fire Department from 1PM – 4 PM
Located at 4098 SR 43, Solsberry with parking available onsite; please do not block the bay doors.

June 4
Bloomfield Fire Department from 8 AM – 11 AM
Located at 75 W Mill Street, Bloomfield with street parking available; please do not block the bay doors.

Worthington, IN – Worthington Fire Station from 1 PM – 4 PM

Located at 20 S Commercial Street, Worthington with parking available on west side of building and downtown, please do not block the bay doors.

While pre-registration is not required and appointments for the clinics are not necessary, they are strongly encouraged to help the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. The local humane society has put together a page on their website to quickly enter your information, as well as your pet’s information, to be ready when you arrive to get microchipped. You can find that page here:

When arriving to a clinic, all attendees are asked to wait in their vehicle. A volunteer with the humane society will come to you to begin the check-in process. Also, all dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier. The humane society will have leashes and carriers on site, if needed.

It is important to remember when registering your pet’s microchip, the more information that you can provide, the more quickly that you can be contacted if your animal is found. It is also important to always keep information up to date, especially as you move or change phone numbers.

If your pet is already microchipped, it is a good idea to periodically verify that the information is up to date. If you know your pet’s microchip number, you can visit to search for the database that it is registered in. You may have to set up an account with the registry to access and edit the information. If you are unsure of your pet’s current microchip number, you can stop by any of the six clinics or the Greene County Humane Society to get your pet scanned.

If your pet is already microchipped but needs a free lifetime registration, the humane society staff and volunteers can assist you with this or you can complete the free registration online at this website,

While this event is free to any resident of Greene County, the humane society always accepts donations, both monetary and of supplies. These donations help to continue to efforts of the shelter in offering programs such as this and a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats, housing and rehoming of stray and unwanted animals in the county, the Waggin’ Tails Trail – a free half-mile wooded walking trail for dogs and people alike, and much more! If you would like to learn more about how to support the Greene County Humane Society, you can visit their website to see all of their needs.

If you are unable to make a clinic or are not a Greene County resident, it is still recommended that you speak with a local shelter, rescue or veterinarian about getting your pet microchipped. The Greene County Humane Society normally offers microchipping services for only $20 and most others charge between $20 and $50 for a microchip and registration. This could be the difference between quickly being reunited with your pet or not.

Featured photo by Johann from Pexels

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