Former Roosevelt Mission property purchased by Linton man

The razing of the Roosevelt Hotel was a sad moment for many in our community. For some, it meant memories of people and events from the past were being erased, while for others it meant a part of our otherwise very intact downtown would now go missing. After all, Linton has been very lucky over the years to keep its downtown intact, as many small towns have experience wide-spread damage from storms, city-wide fires, and other disasters.

For many years, after a building has been torn down in Linton’s downtown, nothing has been re-built in its place. We have seen this time-and-time again with various locations, including the former Garage Sale USA, Hamilton Drug, Citizen’s Bank, Roach’s Hardware, the Cozy Corner, etc.

So, with that said, this may be some exciting news! Shortly after the Fourth of July celebrations were over in Linton this year, courthouse records show a fellow Lintonian, Michael L. Riggleman, purchased the vacant lot located at 77 East Vincennes Street from the City of Linton for $20,500.

About two weeks ago, we reached out to the new owner, Mr. Riggleman, with a message asking if he would share his plans with us for the former Roosevelt Mission property, but, so far, we have received no response.

This story will be continued as more information becomes available.