Former Kennedy Shoe Building down now, highway re-opened, future unknown

It has taken about two weeks since a hard-working crew of men began tearing the former Kennedy Shoe Building down brick-by-brick. Despite the hard work required, each day during the tear down has been miserably hot and humid too. But now it is only a matter of scaping up some final debris from here-and there at 15 North Main Street.

Earlier today, the site was quiet with no more bricks, stones, or dust falling from above. The building was down and the debris hauled away. Barricades still surrounded the area with a small excavator on the property parked on top of what used to be a basement in the front of the historic two-story, masonry building. The highway has been re-opened in front of the demolition, as well. And it was a hot, humid, and sunny day once again too.

Site of the former Kennedy Shoe Store Building – Taken the morning of Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

What will become of the vacant lot now? Will the lot be landscaped into a mini-park or green space, as the former Hamilton Drug store, Garage Sale USA, or Citizen’s Bank locations did after devastating fires at those buildings? Will it become additional parking, or will it be purchased for an enterprising new venture? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we would love to hear our readers’ thoughts and ideas on the matter? What would you do with the location if it were given to you?

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