Indiana State Police to have extra 4th of July patrols

From the Indiana State Police:

Troopers from the Indiana State Police would like to encourage safe travels during this 4th of July holiday weekend. To help ensure the safety of all motorists the Indiana State Police will be participating in Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) and DUIEP (Driving Under the Influence Enforcement Project) from July 1st to July 5th. These are federally funded programs that allow extra troopers to patrol Hoosier highways during the upcoming holiday period.

Efforts will be focused on distracted drivers, impaired drivers, and drivers and passengers not buckled up. Last year throughout Indiana from July 1st through July 5th, there were 2,345 crashes that resulted in 425 injuries and 13 fatalities.

Do your part to ensure safety on Indiana’s roads:

  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Avoid tailgating
  • Use turn signals
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Make sure everyone is buckled up
  • Don’t drive impaired by drugs or alcohol

If you do see an impaired driver, call 911 and give the vehicle’s description, location and direction of travel, and license plate, if possible. The goal is for everyone to celebrate safely and responsibly to ensure a safe 4th of July.

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