Secretary of State Holli Sullivan’s statement on Knox County adopting vote centers

Secretary of State Holli Sullivan has accepted Knox County’s plan to become a vote center county.

“Congratulations to Knox County on their decision to become a vote center county. As I’ve traveled the state in my first months as Secretary of State, I’ve heard from Hoosiers who love the convenience of casting their ballot at any location in their county, and I believe the voters of Knox County will appreciate this flexibility as well.

“Developing a bipartisan plan that makes it easier for voters and delivers potential costs savings to the county requires hard work and dedication. I applaud the work of Clerk David Shelton and Knox County leadership for their work in developing a vote center plan that will serve the county well.”

A vote center is a polling place where any eligible voter in the county may go to vote. The vote center model can reduce costs for counties, give local election officials more flexibility and improve convenience for voters.

Click here to see Knox County’s plan. In Indiana, 47 counties now use the vote center model. Click here to see the full list.

Featured photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels