Elkins arrested for meth, paraphernalia

A recent probable cause affidavit submitted by Jordan Allor, a Sheriff’s Deputy with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, said that approximately two weeks ago at approximately 5:30PM on March 30th, 2021, a caller reported a male walking west of CR 150 S near CR 1000 W. The person was wearing a black coat, black pants, and boots, and the caller said that the man was pulling a cart and appeared homeless, living in abandoned houses nearby, and wanted law enforcement to check on the person.

Levi Anthony Shane Elkins, age 31, of Linton

Located in the area and as described, Deputy Allor stopped and asked the young man what was going on, Allor wrote. The man in question, who would be later identified as Levi Anthony Shane Elkins, said his cousin had a trailer nearby that he was going to store some items in that trailer. Allor then asked Elkins if he had any identification on him, and Elkins said no. Allor then asked what the man’s name was, and he replied “Levi”.

When he asked what his last name was, the man replied “Hauck”. Challenging Elkins, Allor told Elkins that he found it odd he would give him a fake last name. Allor then asked Elkins if he had any outstanding warrants, which he replied, “huh, not to my knowledge no”. Allor proceeded to ask the man if his last name was Elkins instead by saying while he was enroute, “I was told he might be Levi Elkins.” Elkins replied, “oh, no, I’m not Levi Elkins.” Allor then asked if Elkins knew he had any outstanding warrants and he said, “uh, I have no idea. I don’t really check on that stuff. I don’t really think to, I guess.”

Returning to his vehicle, the Deputy was advised Elkins had warrants out of Monroe and Hendricks County. After verifying his date of birth, Allor told Elkins he had outstanding warrants in Monroe and Hendricks County and he was going to be detained because of those warrants.

About that time, Linton Officer King arrived to assist Allor, who had just asked Elkins to remove his backpack. Allor searched Elkins backpack and located several items with “Levi Elkins” on them. Allor also noticed a small red pouch connected to the backpack with a clip. Inside the pouch, he located a clear glass smoking device containing white powder residue and a tube of toothpaste.

The Deputy asked Elkins what the clear smoking device was, and he said, “an oil pipe.” He proceeded to ask Elkins what was inside the smoking device, and the young man replied, “I stumbled upon it. I picked it up because, like I said I’m stupid.” Continuing with his questioning, Allor asked Elkins if he did know what the smoking device is, and he said, “Well, I’m sure you do, and I’m sure I do, too, I guess.” Elkins told Allor that the toothpaste was his though.

The smoking device later field-tested positive for methamphetamine. Both Allor and King asked Elkins separately if he had smoke methamphetamine earlier, and Elkins told them both separately that he had.

Elkins was then transported to the Greene County Jail and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia, as well as the warrants out of Monroe County, the probable cause read.

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