Keep your data safer online this holiday season

From the Indiana Department of Revenue:

More people than ever are shopping online, and the Indiana Department of Revenue put together some tips to keep your personal information safer online. Simply following these tips will help this holiday season: 

1. Avoid unprotected Wi-Fi. Unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots may allow bad actors to view transactions. Do not make any online purchases or financial transactions over unprotected public Wi-Fi.

2. Shop at familiar online retailers. Generally, sites with the “s” designation in “https” at the start of the URL are secure. Look for the “lock” icon in the browser’s URL bar. Beware of purchases at unfamiliar sites or clicks on links from pop-up ads. If you are shopping on a mobile device, be sure to use a verified app through Google Play, PayPal or Apple’s App Store.

3. Learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails. Look for emails with misspellings and bad grammar, and never click on links or attachments from unknown or suspicious sources. Also, be on the lookout for COVID-related scams or those referring to Economic Impact Payments.

4. Keep your devices up to date and safe. Use trusted security software to protect against malware that may steal your data and viruses that may damage your files. Set your devices to update automatically so your device always has the latest security defenses.

5. Use strong and unique passwords. Be sure to use different passwords for each account and use a password manager if necessary. Cyber security experts suggest a minimum of 10 characters.

6. Use multi-factor authentication. Setup multi-factor authentication for accounts that offer it. This added level of security requires an additional level of security like a security code or question.

Learn more about how to protect your identity on our Protect Yourself from ID Theft web page.

Featured photo by Negative Space from Pexels

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