Linton-Stockton Precinct Map (Updated)

Linton Precinct Map, click here to view it on Google maps. I used some previous maps provided to me from others; I believe they are accurate. [Update 5/1/2011] Polling places are now listed for the precincts.  These are just guesses, so be sure to visit the Indiana State Voter Registration Lookup Polling Place page for your personal, and official information.

Precinct 3 – Fellowship Baptist Church
Precincts 4,7 – Community Building
Precincts 5,6 – East Shelter House

Don’t forget to take your photo ID when you go vote!

Linton Election Candidates



  • Jack Shelton – Dem.

City Council

Ward 3

  • Tony Richards – Dem.

Ward 4

Ward 5

  • Jerry Ellett – Dem.
  • Fred Markle – Dem.
  • Kegan Inman – Rep.

Ward 6

Ward 7

  • Nigel Lehman – Dem.
  • Kenneth “Bud” Klein – Dem.
  • Jared Albright – Rep.

If candidates would like their name linked to a website, please email us at

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