20 IN 20: Nearby destinations for public art in Indiana


Art is how humans add to our world’s beauty, and the best way to brighten a community is by putting art on public display. You don’t have to look hard to find incredible works of public art in Indiana. From murals and sculptures to art alleys and outdoor museums, has compiled a list of 20 great destinations for public art.  This partial list shown below is part of The 20 IN 20 and all are only a short drive to see! Find out more about The 20 IN 20 here.

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Sculpture Museum

Nestled deep in the woods of Greene County is one of the coolest outdoor art experiences around! Take a walk around the well-marked trails at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, and you’ll find over 100 sculptures strategically placed to compliment both the artwork and setting. The incredible sculptures come from local and international artists alike! Your mind will be opened up like never before, as the peaceful solitude of nature and art flow together in a harmonious dance.

“Box Turtle” by William Pratt, Solsberry, Indiana

Seymour isn’t just A small town; it is THE small town… where John Mellencamp was born! Pamela Bliss is the artist behind the mural on the side of This Old Guitar Music Store, which commemorates the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. The larger image shows present-day Mellencamp with an acoustic guitar while the smaller one shows him with a Seymour FFA jacket. John Mellencamp gave his stamp of approval for the mural by adding his initials in 2019!


Given its name, there’s not much surprise that Brazil is home to a bevy of murals. Three brick murals adorn business buildings through the city, including one that offers a nod to a gift given from the country of Brazil. If you really want to indulge in child-like imagination, head down to Brazil Main Street’s Interactive Art Wall. Volunteers took an old, dilapidated area downtown and transformed it into a place where visitors can spread their wings like a butterfly, hold steady onto a grouping of balloons, and be the I in “Brazil”!

Wall Mural – Brazil, Indiana (file photo)

The Putnam County Mural Project created one of the largest and most eye-catching murals in Indiana! Four 1953-era silos became the canvas for mural artist Key Detail (Andrei Krautsou) in 2019. Over the course of two weeks, the 50-foot-tall silos were painted with farm animals, an eagle, a violin, and a covered bridge complete with morel mushrooms. Drive into Greencastle from the south on U.S. 231, and feast your eyes on this gigantic mural! Learn more about the Greencastle silo murals.

Four 1953-era silos became the canvas for mural artist Key Detail (Andrei Krautsou) in 2019.
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