After seven long years, Wrigley is back home again

In July 2010, fellow Lintonian, Richard Overton, took in a three-month old husky puppy in and named her Wrigley. They instantly became friends, and he took her everywhere, but Wrigley especially liked to go to the trails to run free. The two became quite attached.

In December of that year, though, the family grew to three members: Rick, Wrigley, and now Rick had met Tia. The family added one more member in December 2011 when Rick and Tia had our first-born child. In 2012, the Overton family became the Overton Family of five when their second child was born. Needless to say, at this point, they needed more room in their household, and they needed to move quickly. So, a family friend volunteered to hold onto their beloved husky until they could find a home that would allow Wrigley too.

The friend had the husky for a little over a year, and she had her microchipped during that time. One day, the friend noticed Wrigley’s collar laying in the yard, but Wrigley was nowhere to be found. Panic ensued. Flyers were posted, the neighborhood was searched, it was posted on social media, and shelters were contacted. Weeks turned into months, and months turned in years though. In fact, seven years went by until they finally had a glimmer of hope.

The family was told that a lady’s son had found a dog seven years ago on the highway. After posting on social media with no response, the lady decided to keep her. Ironically, for seven years, she was even taking her to the same veterinary clinic that the Overton’s were taking their new pets to for all of those years. Their paths could have crossed, but they did not — until one day. The lady decided to have Wrigley, who she had now named Chloe, microchipped. That is when a SAFE animal rescue member discovered that Wrigley had already been microchipped and had been on the missing list for the last seven years.

In turn, the friend messaged messaged the Overtons the good news. After bringing her home, they called Rick to ask if he wanted their beloved husky back. Of course, he did! Rick showed up to the friend’s house in tears, and Wrigley ran up to Rick in excitement and licked him and laid on his feet. It was like they picked up right where they had left off all those years ago. When Rick went to stand up after talking with the friend, Wrigley jumped up as if she knew she was heading home with her daddy.

It is bittersweet for the woman to have loved this dog for seven years now, but also for the Overtons to gain back their fur baby that they had missed for so long, of course. All this time, the Overtons believed Wrigley to be dead, yet after all this time she is now sleeping safe and sound in their home, as if she never left. Despite the difference in appearance with age, she has the same happy soul they had remembered.

Photos submitted by Tia Overton

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