School is business as usual for tomorrow, so far…

Without guidance of the State of Indiana, local schools will be “business as usual” tomorrow.

This evening, Dr. Kathy Goad, the Superintendent for Linton-Stockton schools, sent out an automated message to parents, as follows:

“Good evening, this is Dr. Goad calling. I had planned to provide you with our Covid color code, which was supposed to be announced during the governor’s press conference this afternoon; however, the posting of that code has been postponed until later this evening. This means that we will continue on-campus learning for all students and all scheduled events through tomorrow evening. We will then evaluate our status, based on the color code, on the information available once the ⁠map is finally posted.”

The new color-coded map by county was expected to go live today, but has been delayed. The mapping system is aimed to assign individual scores to each county within the state, based on perceived community spread and risk. The range is from blue to red (best to worst case), and the new system is technically just a state-level recommendation, not an absolute mandate. So, this means schools can choose not to follow them, but, nonetheless, most likely will.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

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