Closed gates an oversight, not a new change

Parents delivering their kids to the elementary school this morning were met with closed gates at the entryway to the school’s drop-off loop. Although there was a lot more traffic and congestion in the elementary parking area due to this, the inflow of elementary students seemed to go smoothly nonetheless.

Some may have never noticed because closer to 8AM, the gates were opened, and everything was back to normal. When contacted, school officials said this was simply an oversight and not any new procedure or change being instituted.

When asked about the closed gates and if this was a new procedure, Linton-Stockton Elementary School Principal, Kent Brewer, stated in an email earlier this morning, “The gates this morning were just an oversight. We appreciate your patience this morning.”

The entire school staff has coped well with a lot of new changes this school year due to the coronovirus. While currently on the “plan and prepare status” at the school, the school outlined several preventive steps being taken in a letter to parents earlier this year, such as:

  • Routine environmental cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handrails, and keyboard is being performed continuously;
  • Students and staff who are sick are encouraged to stay home;
  • Students or staff who arrive at school sick or become sick while at school will be sent home as soon as possible;
  • Sick students and staff are kept separate from well students until they can leave;
  • We will exercise flexibility in our attendance policies for students and staff who are ill and cannot attend school or work, respectively;
  • We will follow any directives which come to us through the IDOE, the Greene County Health Department or any other organization with authoritative power over schools.

Stay tuned for future announcements, changes, and information, as they become available.

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