Glenburn’s COVID-19 case count jumps to 83

In the latest daily COVID-19 update from Glenburn Home, Administrator Jean Johanningsmeier is reporting that the total positive case count for the Linton-based nursing home has nearly doubled and now stands at 83 total resident cases. 12 employees have also tested positive.

Read the full update below.

From Glenburn Home:

RE: Glenburn Home – COVID 19 UPDATE

May 7, 2020 (Updated at 12:00 P.M. Daily)

TO: All Glenburn Home Community Members

FROM: Jean Johanningsmeier
Glenburn Home Administrator
(812) 847-2221

Residents of Glenburn Home

POSITIVE CASES – Eighty-three (83) of our residents have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Eighty (80) are being cared for within the Glenburn facility, and three (3) residents have been admitted to the hospital. This includes results of tests performed, at our request, by the ISDH “strike team” on Tuesday, May 5.

DEATHS – Seven (7) confirmed COVID-19 deaths and one (1) suspected COVID-19 death.

Please join us in keeping these residents and their loved ones in your prayers as they grieve these terrible losses.

Employees of Glenburn Home:

POSITIVE CASES – Eighteen (18) employees are currently quarantined. Twelve (12) of those employees have tested positive and six (6) are awaiting results.


Testing of residents for the COVID-19 virus must be completed by a “strike team” from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). It continues to be our policy to request testing according to the guidance provided by the ISDH.

Care and Privacy Guidelines

Please know that we have followed, and will continue to do so, all guidance set forth for privacy, patient care, employee safety, and efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 as provided by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

While we strive for transparency in everything we do, please know that we are bound by federal guidelines under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protect the privacy of our residents, who may not want their condition known. Our medical directors follow all established federal laws in notifying families of any change in the medical condition of their loved ones. We are taking every step as recommended by authorities to contain the spread and want to reassure our residents, their families, and our dedicated staff that we will continue to do everything possible to fight this virus and provide the necessary care to our residents and employees.

We must also recognize our team for the concern and commitment they have shown to our residents during this challenging time. Thank you all for your support. If you have any questions, please let us know.


  1. How is it that the residents are getting this virus? Are the staff not taking all preventive measures such as sanitary and patience upkeep of the Nursing home ? I have to wonder if potocal is being followed, or if this virus to,be what kills off the residents .

  2. I’ve been hearing, as in multiple times, about an incompetent administrator… Did this begin with residents bringing it into the facility? Or as the rumors tell, employees??? To be more precise, young partying employees??? If the latter is where this entered the facility hopefully the administrator has been made aware… and making changes to policy’s…
    All of this is so sad and comes at the expense if our local treasure’s!!!
    The expenses of the Stay/Care are absolutely devistating. Those expenses saved my mother’s Life! So thankful we brought her home when we did!!!

  3. Glennburn is in dire need of help! Why was positive patient kept there or sent back from the hospital! KNOWING THEY’RE HIGEST RISK!! Makes no sense at all!! they should have been kept away from the patients OFF SITE ! Our hospitals are empty!,Thats where they should have been taken !,This is UNACCEPTABLE!! Shame on our Governor for allowing so many deaths and not protecting our elderly!

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