Linton-Stockton School Corp. issues year-end update for students, parents

From Linton-Stockton School Corporation – Dr. Kathy Goad, Superintendent:

Dr. Kathy Goad

Dear LSSC Parents and Guardians,

None of us could have foreseen the turn of events we have experienced and are still experiencing during this 2019-2020 school year. We cannot express how much we appreciate the partnership we have with our families and community.  There is enormous stress on each of you as you juggle the many different aspects of your daily life.  With eLearning as an added dimension to your already full agenda, you have excelled at balancing.  We have been grateful for your patience, positivity and generosity toward Linton-Stockton Schools as we have gone through this period of time together. 

End of Year Dates

Our instructional year, except for Dual Credit and AP courses, concludes on Thursday, May 7th. We will be certified for 162 instructional days of the 160 required through the Governor’s Executive Order.  The remainder of days have been waived by the Indiana Department of Education.  

While we were fortunate to have eLearning in place at LSSC, it was not intended for long term instruction.  We have been very pleased with the creativity of our teachers as they have transitioned their classroom instruction into a virtual format.  We are also proud of our students for adapting so quickly.  As we plan for the future, we would like to evaluate your experience with eLearning and ask that you compete our survey at this link: . While you can complete one survey for your entire family, if you have more than one child and they had different experiences you may complete the survey more than once.

Our last day for lunch service is also Thursday, May 7th.  We want to thank our Food Service staff and our delivery staff for being here every day to prepare the meals and get them to our students.  A big thank you also goes out to our Technology staff for being available daily to fix technology problems during our eLearning instruction.  

Final Grades

Over the next few weeks the teachers will be busy finalizing grades for students and preparing report cards.  Elementary report cards will be placed in the personal belonging bags, as described later in this document.  At the end of this week, Harmony access to students and parents will be shut down, while MS and HS teachers finalize grades.  Access for parents and students will be reinstated on Tuesday, May 26th with final grades for the semester posted. 

Student Personal Belongings

 Teachers will also be instrumental in gathering student personal belongings so that we can get those back to our students, which we consider an essential function of the school.  Below is the plan we have in place for the safe retrieval of personal property as well as students returning LSSC property.

During the week of May 18th through May 21st students will have the opportunity to return their Chromebook (don’t forget the charger!), hotspot (if one was borrowed), textbooks, library books, and any other school owned materials.   Students will also pick up the personal belongings that were in their desks and lockers, band instruments, medication, etc.  

We have set up a drive-thru drop off/pick up area in the student parking lot behind the corporation building.   Parents will return their student’s materials without getting out of their vehicles and school employees will hand them their child’s personal belongings.  For students who have items in PE lockers, parents will park after retrieving their other belongings and the students will enter the gym locker room (in a social distancing manner) from the south door, retrieve their items, and leave their lock with Mrs. Weber, then return to their vehicle.   

The drop off/pick up station will be open for three sessions daily:  9am-11am, 1pm-3pm and 5pm-7pm.  

To abide by social distancing requirements and to necessitate only one trip per family, we have set up a schedule by the initial of their student’s last name.  Students may come during any of the three sessions on their assigned days.  Families with more than one last name may come on the day of the first alphabet in the family.

Day/DateLast Name Initial
Monday, May 18thA-D
Tuesday, May 19thE-K
Wednesday, May 20thL-P
Thursday, May 21stQ-Z

Buildings, Facilities and Grounds

By Executive Order of the Governor all public and private school buildings, facilities and grounds are closed, except for essential functions, until June 30th, 2020.  Until the Executive Order expires there will be no extra or co-curricular activities in our buildings or on our grounds. We will have essential staff working to care for our facilities and for administrative purposes.   The best way to contact the school during this closure is through email.  The email address for any employee is the first initial of first name last name, as example,

Summer School

Due to the closure of our schools through June 30th Summer School will not take place in the traditional manner.  We are waiting on further guidance once we are able to reopen and hope to establish a remedial program prior to school resuming for the 2020-2021 school year.  High school students who need to use the APEX program for Credit Recovery will have the opportunity to enroll in online classes throughout the summer.

Moving Forward

We will not let this world-wide health crisis deter Linton-Stockton from moving forward.  We have established a Re-Entry Team who will focus their time this summer on the safe return to the 2020-2021 school year.  Our first day of the new school year is scheduled for Monday, August 10th.   We will be ready and we will communicate information throughout the summer to keep our parents and students updated.  

We recently announced the Linton Explorer Preschool on Facebook.  We still have seats available for children who will be four years old by September 1st, 2020.  You can enroll your child through this link:

Kindergarten enrollment is continuing virtually through this link:  We plan to have Kindergarten Screenings in July and those parents who have enrolled their child will be notified of those dates.   

Students new to Linton-Stockton may enroll at any time by contacting the building administrator as listed below.  If you know of anyone moving into the community or planning to enroll their child at LSSC, please pass on this information.

Linton Elementary School

Linton Middle School

Linton High School 

Earlier this year the School Board approved the Miner Academy.  Through the academy there will be opportunity for students who may need options other than traditional education to be successful in school.  These options include Blending Learning, Homeschool Curriculum, Supplemental Courses, Credit Recovery/Grade Improvement, Full-Time Virtual, Adult Learner, and College Ready Tutorials.  We will announce enrollment for the Miner Academy next week.  

Through the IDOE, we have been awarded a $50,000 grant to implement Project Lead the Way in our elementary school and middle school.  PLTW is providing transformative learning experiences through engaging hands-on activities.  This summer our teachers will be trained on the instruction of PLTW modules and courses focused on STEM concepts.  When we return all elementary and middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in these hands-on learning activities through their science curriculum. 

Our ROI Design Team is finishing up our Implementation Plan and Grant application which will bring some very exciting changes to our schools. The opportunity for this $250,000 grant through the Ready Schools Initiative will further transform our learning opportunities for students PreK through 12th grade.  

Despite the Pandemic, this continues to be a time of growth and change at Linton-Stockton and for our community of students.  We wish you a safe and healthy summer and look forward to reuniting with our LSSC students, parents and staff in the new school year.  


Dr. Goad

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