Take a moment, respond to 2020 Census

Every ten years, the United States Census counts every person living in the United States and its territories, as of where they reside on April 1st.  It’s a mandate of the U.S. Constitution, and it’s been done every ten years since 1790

Sometime around mid-March, homes across the whole country began receiving forms to complete the 2020 Census in one of three ways: (1.) online, (2.) by phone, or (3.) by mail.  If you have not already responded, you are encouraged to do so online here.  There’s also a link if you do not have the Census ID from the mailer, which you should have received.

The response rate for the City of Linton currently sits at 41.9%

Of course, the recent Covid-19 outbreak across the United States will affect the speed of the data collection.  So far, the State of Indiana 50.3%, while Stockton Township sits at 44.4% and residents within the City of Linton have completed their forms to a lesser extent at 41.9%.

Information collected from the Census allows lawmakers to make decisions on budget allocations for various government programs and services, as well as determine legislative representation.

The information not only helps the government, though, the demographic data is also used in business, healthcare, and education.  For example, did you know that the local area has less households with computers or broadband internet compared to the nation?  Local residents are 3.6% more likely to be without health insurance as compared to the national average too.  Average monthly rent is only about 60% of the national average.  All data points from the Census Bureau’s treasure chest of information.

So, if you have not filled out the Census yet, please do so today. U.S. Census workers will be faced with going door-to-door to collect information from those not returning the information requested.

The current response rate for Stockton Township sits at 44.4%
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