Downtown A-Frame Readies for New Business

By Brux B.

Downtown Linton has been getting a lot of improvements lately and the former Conklin’s Auto Sales next to Jim Carey’s Grill is one of the newest buildings to be added to the list. The property was recently purchased from the Conklin family by Larry H. Bosell of Bloomfield. He is CEO of the Ten70 Group which specializes in construction and destruction. “Ten70” refers to the code used to send fire trucks in over emergency channels; Bosell had served several years as Indiana State Fire Marshall in the 1980’s and other various fire related positions across Indiana, South Carolina and Oregon.

They have been working on the building for a few months now and it is looking great; they have opened up the building which lets you fully appreciate the unique architectural features. He is planning on adding two very large ceiling fans which look like large airplane propellers. While I was there they were busy taking down large metal beams which held up the heating/cooling and ventilation units originally put up in the 60’s. Lots of work has been done but whoever gets this building and opens up their business will have a unique and beautiful space in which to work. As for parking, the Grill now officially owns the parking in the back of its business and Bosell would be sharing his front parking with them.

Currently, he has two different people interested in the building. One of them being a tattoo and piercing business, which, in my mind that location would be very cool. I feel we need place that is more liberal and appeals to a younger crowd and I know we have several great tattoo artists in the area. I am all for something new that is not a restaurant or a office. A specialized shop/service that is going to attract people downtown or to Linton in general would be a wonderful addition.

Below are several photos I took and told Mr. Bosell I will be by to check in on the progress and take more photos in a month.

We our proud to have Mr. Bosell contribute to our community and many thanks for his improvements to the local landscape.

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