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April 2012 Health Department Inspection Results

We’ve got a new batch of health inspections in for April. Please enjoy:

Establishment Critical Non Critical Critical Comments
Hidden Hills Golf Course 0 0 N/A
Rosie’s Diner 0 6 Cooler seal, Ventilation hood soiled, Light shield
Bloomfield IGA 3 11 Can opener blade, Improper utensil being used, Food storage, Hand wash sink plumbing, Cooler seal, Outer door protection, Microwave in deli area
Taco Bell 0 3 Labeling, Thermometer not present
Sportsman Pub 0 3 Light shield, Mop storage, Routine cleaning
Greene County Sherriff’s Dept 0 1 Light shield
Freedom Country Store 1 0 Adulterated Cans
Dollar General (Worthington) 0 1 Restroom waste receptacle
Linton Cinema III 0 0 N/A
Bobe’s Pizza 1 7 Improper utensils being used, Pizza oven rack soiled, Food Storage, Walk-in cooler shelves, Routine cleaning

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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