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LMF Scholarship Competition

The Linton Community Development Corporation, the non-profit manager and operator of the Linton Music Festival, is proud to announce a post-secondary scholarship competition, which will be open to everyone in all areas of study, whether a degree or certificate program, undergraduate or graduate studies, etc. A one-time prize in the amount of five-hundred dollars ($500) will be awarded to one deserving individual, who may use the award towards: tuition, room and board, school supplies, or other normal and usual expenses relating to post-secondary education.  The scholarship recipient will be announced no later than June 30, 2012, with the scholarship monies disbursed in the Fall.

The recipient will be chosen through a points-based system with each applicant earning points through community volunteerism, especially in support of Linton Music Festival events.  For example, each music festival event will have a limited number of slots available where a registered volunteer can sign up to work a volunteer ‘shift’ (typically 4 hours) doing specific tasks associated with the chosen shift (technical works, artist relations, patron relations, information or location services, etc.).  After satisfactory completion of the volunteer shift, one point will be awarded.  At the completion of the event the Executive Directors may choose to award an additional point to outstanding volunteers, who they recognize have gone “above and beyond€ their assigned duties.  These points will accumulate from year-to-year, so an applicant who is not selected shall retain his or her points and may re-apply for the scholarship in following years, as long as they remain eligible to receive the award.

In addition to the day-of event, points may also be awarded for completion of various, coordinated tasks that contribute to the advancement of the Linton Music Festival (examples: handbill design, event planning, on-campus promotion, etc.), or that contribute to the advancement of a Linton Community Development Corporation sponsored event.

Volunteer opportunities shall be listed at as they become available. Those considering application for this scholarship must first register online with the Linton Music Festival as an event volunteer in some capacity.

A volunteer must be fourteen years of age or older. Appropriate release & waiver of liability forms may need to be executed by the student or his or her parent, if under 18 years of age.  All decisions made by the Executive Directors, or designated scholarship committee judges, shall be final.  As funds become available, additional scholarships may also be awarded in the future.

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