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October Linton City Council Meeting

Owners of blighted property look out. Linton’s police chief has deputized the city council to be on the watch for unkempt property and has given them the power to serve papers in order to clean it up. There are two types of blighted property. Structures that need to be destroyed because of environmental or safety concerns and the properties that just need to be mowed and trash disposed of. There is a city ordinance stating that lawns must be mowed six times a year.

K2 and Spice buyers and sellers beware. The city council voted unanimously to prohibit the sale or possession of these two drugs along with any other synthetic cannabinoid without a physicians prescription. The fine for selling is up to $2500 and personal possession is $1000.

The council voted to to an environmental study and drill on a piece of property. Unfortunately I did not catch the location.

Trick or treating this year will be only on Saturday, October the 30th from 6-9 p.m. Please be aware of the little (and big) ghosts, ghouls, goblins and zombies. Drive safe and keep an eye out.

So you remember the bank robbery at Regions back in 2000? The guy that wore the bicycle shorts and rode away on pedal power? Apparently he was caught last month in Wisconsin. Another Greene County crime solved.

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