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For Delph, kickboxing is personal

On Saturday, October 8th, 2022, the fights are on at the downtown Sullivan Gym. Doors open at 4PM, and the first bell will ring at around 5:30PM, featuring ten MMA bouts, as well as two kickboxing bouts, trainer Travis Coleman explained to The Lintonian. Coleman will also be producing the kickboxing bouts through his company, Coleman Kickboxing Entertainment, LLC, a company he founded earlier this year.

For Coleman, who has 35 years of professional fighting experience, the October fights will be his third show. His company sanctions the fights, including finding appropriate and qualified referees and judges, as well as matching fighters with similar weight classes and experience. When asked, he remembered the long-lost “Thunder Bouts” in Linton, which he said he fought in himself.

On October 8th, Linton’s Kela Delph will face a worthy opponent from Indianapolis named Delaney Tibbot. “Tibbot is a great fighter, but she [Delph] is going to win,” Coleman said with a big smile. And we don’t doubt it with the photos below with her trainer, Coleman, who is rated as the third best in the world himself:

I asked Delph “Why?” Why does she want to potentially get black eyes, cuts, and such, and she said after much thought, “I want to prove it to myself. That I can win!” And win, she can! It all started with a personal defense class with Coleman, she said, then 2 1/2 years later, she’s placed her name on this October’s fight docket. Video below:

We asked Delph if she would recommend this to other females, and she said. “Most definitely!” We even asked if she’d recommend it to her own daughters, and she said she would.

Another bout to contend with is Katie Schuck (2-0) on the same fight night, a Jasper trained fighter, but we adopted for training in Linton. She will face Sara Travoili of Terre Haute.

All of the tickets are available at or through the fighters themselves.

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