Attempted traffic stop by the GC Sheriff’s Department ends in a whole lot more

From the Greene County Sheriff’s Department:

On November 6th, 2021, at approximately 9:42 am Detective David Elmore with Greene County Sheriff Department conducted a traffic stop on Washboard Road near North State Road 43. The vehicle, driven by Thomas J. Cratty, age 39, of Solsberry refused to stop and kept waving Det. Elmore to go around. Cratty abruptly came to a stop and kept waving for Det. Elmore to approach the vehicle.

Elmore gave commands for Cratty to turn his vehicle off, but Mr. Cratty kept waving Det. Elmore to his vehicle. Det. Elmore continued to give verbal commands from his patrol vehicle for Cratty to turn the vehicle off. Cratty then screamed profanity and drove off. 

During the vehicle pursuit Det. Elmore reported speeds of 70 MPH to 90 MPH on State and County Roads. Cratty drove his vehicle to his residence and exited the vehicle, then Det. Elmore exited his patrol vehicle and pursued Cratty. 

During the foot pursuit, Cratty stopped at the corner of his modular home and displayed a large revolver and advised Det. Elmore to continue after him. Det. Elmore was approximately twelve feet from Cratty when he displayed the revolver in his right hand near the front of his right thigh and pelvis area. Det. Elmore retreated to Cratty’s vehicle for cover while pulling his duty issued firearm out. 

After Det. Elmore took cover, Cratty ran inside the modular home. Cratty’s girlfriend, Daphine Murphy, age 44 exited the modular home and stated Cratty would come out. After multiple announcements by Det. Elmore and Greene County Sheriff Deputy Jimmy Carpenter for Cratty to exit the residence, Cratty exited the residence and was taken into custody. 

Cratty advised Det. Elmore, he was not actually driving, but his “old lady” was. Det. Elmore asked Murphy if she was operating the vehicle, and Murphy stated she was. 

From there, Daphine Murphy was transported to Greene County Jail for preliminary charge of False Informing, a Level 6 Felony. As for Cratty, he was transported to Greene County Jail and is currently being held on the following preliminary charges:

  • Possession of handgun without a license with prior felony, a Level 5 felony
  • Habitual Traffic Violator for life, a Level 5 felony
  • Intimidation with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 felony
  • Resisting Law Enforcement using a vehicle, a Level 6 felony
  • Maintain common nuisance, a Level 6 felony
  • Possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony
  • Possession of syringe no medical use, a Level 6 felony
  • Reckless driving, a class C misdemeanor
  • Refusal to aid officer, a class B misdemeanor
  • False informing, a class B misdemeanor

Det. Elmore applied and was granted a search warrant by Greene County Superior Judge Dena Martin for Cratty’s residence and vehicle. Indiana State Police Troopers Eric Nash, Trooper Ian Portteus and Greene County Reserve Officers Tom Colvin and Robert Just Jr. assisted with executing the search warrant. While executing the search warrant, syringes were located in Cratty’s vehicle that later field tested positive for methamphetamine. Inside Cratty’s residence, Reserve Officer Robert Just Jr. located a Taurus Judge revolver loaded and ready to fire inside a closet, which Det. Elmore immediately identified as the handgun Cratty presented during the foot pursuit. 

Investigating Officer: Det. David Elmore

Other Departments: Indiana State Police, Troopers Eric Nash, Trooper Ian Portteus and Greene County Reserve Officers Tom Colvin, Robert Just Jr. and Greene County Sheriff Deputy Jimmy Carpenter 

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