Ellington: Free math & science tutoring for students in grades 6-12

From the Office of State Representative Jeff Ellington:

While students often experience learning loss over summer breaks, this past year was particularly disruptive, and some children fell further behind in their studies. With school back in session, Hoosier students in grades 6-12 needing extra help can turn to AskRose’s free homework helpline.

When students are stumped by math or science problems, they can call 1-877-275-7673, or email or chat online with 1 of 120 AskRose friendly tutors.

These tutors help young Hoosiers with their questions and prepare them to tackle similar questions in the future on their own. Trained tutors start the sessions by reviewing the problem and then guide students through the process of solving it until they understand the solution.

When using this service, privacy is always protected, and students are never asked to provide their last name or phone number.

The homework helpline is available Sunday through Thursday from 7-10 p.m. For more information about this free tutoring service, click here. To connect with more than 500 other student resources, click here.

Photo by Deepak Gautam from Pexels

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