Photo highlights: Linton beats Boonville 35-14, recognizes 2015, 2016 State Teams too

The Linton Miners beat Booneville on Friday night, 35-14.

Some photo highlights from the game include: (1.) Hunter Gennicks and Aiden Giles leap toward each other for runouts, (2.) Quarterback Hunter Gennicks passes to Gabe Eslinger on a wild play, (3.) After a catch, Gabe Eslinger takes it to the end zone, (4.) At half-time, Linton recognized the 2015 and 2016 State Teams, (5.) Multiple Miners wrap up the ball carrier, and (6.) Kaulin Padgett works his way to the outside.

Featured photo is the Linton Miners running out. All photos by Austin Gordon Photography.

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