Ellington: Hoosiers can expect larger refund next year

From the Office of Indiana State Representative Jeff Ellington:

Hoosiers can expect a larger refund the next time they file their taxes. That’s because Indiana closed out the fiscal year with $1.1 billion in excess reserves, triggering an automatic taxpayer refund. 

While the final refund amount will not be calculated until later this year, early estimates suggest the refund could be as high as $170 per individual filer or $340 for a joint return.

In Indiana, reserve balances in excess of 12.5% of the next year’s budget is required to be split, with half dedicated to pay down pension obligations and the other half given back to taxpayers. About $545 million will go to taxpayers and another $545 million toward pension liabilities. This will be the second time Hoosiers will receive an automatic taxpayer refund since the law passed in 2011. 

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