Linton Freedom Festival – 2021 schedule of events

Each year, the Freedom Festival Committee at the Linton-Stockton Chamber of Commerce plans several events during what has been coined as the Linton Freedom Festival. The events, especially the Linton Freedom Festival Parade, draw thousands of people to our small, local community. It’s an unofficial homecoming of sorts, too, for those who grew up in Linton, moved away, and want to re-join friends, family, and former classmates in Linton.

Below, please find a one-page, printable schedule of events in PDF format. The information is based on he latest available from the Linton-Stockton Chamber of Commerce. If any changes are made, we will update the sheet as soon as we learn of them.

On behalf of The Linton, we hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration this year in Linton, Indiana!

Featured photos and others – file photos, The Lintonian