Beware of recent phishing scam involving unemployment benefits

From the Office of Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita:

Recently, Attorney General Todd Rokita is partnering with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to warn Hoosiers about a phishing scam involving unemployment benefits. Scammers are sending text messages asking Hoosiers to verify their identity by clicking on a link. Clicking the link may give scammers access to your personal data.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with state agencies to encourage Hoosiers to be vigilant in protecting their personal information,” Attorney General Todd Rokita said. “Scammers are always coming up with new ways to try to steal your identity and your money. If you receive a text message asking to verify your eligibility for unemployment benefits, I urge you to delete the message and file a report both with my office and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.”

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development will never send a text message to verify your eligibility for unemployment benefits.

“The fact that scammers are now contacting Hoosiers directly via text message shows just how far they will go in their attempts to steal personal information,” Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Fred Payne said. “DWD has many prevention and detection tools in place to thwart as much fraudulent activity as possible, but individuals still should take the necessary steps to protect their personal information.”

If you have received a suspicious text message or believe you may have been a victim of fraud, contact the Attorney General’s Data Privacy and ID Theft section at, and also contact the Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Below is an example of the phishing attempt:

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