Letters to the Editor – Be kind; it’s contagious!


My family and I have been saying for years that the one thing Linton doesn’t have is a good donut place so you can imagine how excited we were to hear that Hometown Doughnuts were opening up!

This morning being opening day for them, my little family piled into the car and headed to get some donuts. We arrived around 9:40 praying that they would still have a few left considering how busy the drive-through and and parking lot were.

I entered the business to find a line about 6 people deep. I looked around very impressed at the cleanliness and modern decor. The counter attendants (mostly young men and women around high school age I deduced) were bustling around filling orders and trying to keep the donut case somewhat stocked but the customer volume had made that nearly impossible.

Just about the time I wanted to smile at how happy I was for new thriving small business I heard one of the men in line ahead of me talking in a very demeaning tone to one of the employees that wasn’t hearing his order correctly. He proceeded to talk loudly to the man next to him making fun of the young woman employee.

Then the woman behind him started to get extremely short with a young male employee and complain about how long everything was taking and how he must’ve forgotten about her order. I was so sadden by how these employees were being treated and completely shocked with the utter ugliness of the customers attitudes that I ultimately decided I couldn’t stay there any longer and left.

I wish now that I would have said something to those rude customers.

I know many people are very excited about this new small business coming to Linton and from what I saw this morning I truly hope they continue to have that much business and get to stay open! But I was extremely embarrassed and saddened to see my community treat those employees so poorly.

I hope people will remember that we are lucky to have this new business and will treat the employees better in the future.

Annabelle Poindexter

Bloomfield, Indiana

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