Greene County Jail Log – March 30th, 2021

Randy Joe Bruce Harris, age 23, of Solsberry was booked on a warrant for child molestation, a Level 4 felony. Bond was set at $15,000 with ten percent allowed. Attorney Ellen Martin was appointed to represent the Defendant a the County’s expense. The trial is currently set for mid-July 2021.

Bradley Dean Thompson, age 46, of Solsberry was booked on a warrant after failing to appear for proceedings involving alleged fraud in interfering with drug/alcohol chemical screening, a Class B misdemeanor. Bond was set at $5,000 with ten percent allowed.

The reader is cautioned that allegations are simply that until proven otherwise in a court of law; therefore, the person(s) shown as arrested for the charges listed above should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Featured photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

The Lintonian’s Random Tid-Bit:

Coffee is the most popularly used stimulant world-wide, and it is the second-largest item in international commerce across the globe. When a coffee seed is planted, it can take up to five years to yield a consumable fruit. Years ago in the area of Turkey, if a man did not provide his wife with coffee, she could seek a legal divorce due to it.

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