Ex-husband arrested after scuffle with ex-wife’s new boyfriend who draws gun

On Monday, March 22nd, ex-husband Kevin M. McBride entered the garage of his former residence in Linton to confront his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Tony Kluesner, about “talking bad about his grand kids [sic].” McBride reportedly yelled at Kluesner that he was going to kill him.

According to the probable cause affidavit, after McBride pushed Kluesner’s head into the garage wall and he fell to the floor, McBride grabbed his head again and slammed it on the concrete floor of the garage. At that point, Kluesner pulled his Smith & Wesson pistol on McBride, and the two began to scuffle. That is when Linton Police Officer King arrived at the scene at approximately 5:15PM and broke up the fight. Both men were on the floor wrestling for possession of the firearm at the time of his arrival, Officer King noted.

Arrested: Kevin M. McBride

McBride was arrested and transported to the Greene County Jail on various charges, including: intimidation, battery, and burglary. It should be noted that the charge of burglary does not necessarily equate to theft. Rather, Indiana Code defines burglary as “a person who breaks and enters the building or structure of another person, with intent to commit a felony or theft in it.”

King went on to note that while he was enroute to the Greene County Jail, McBride said he was suffering chest pains. Due to that, King diverted to the Greene County General Hospital, yet after removing McBride from the vehicle and upon King closing the rear door, McBride threw himself to the ground, yelling “Why would you do that?!”

King advised McBride that the incident would be on the hospital’s security video, and the hospital security then assisted King bring McBride into the hospital. Later, after being seen by the doctor there, he was medically cleared to go to jail.

After the altercation, Kluesner spoke with Police Chief Paul Clark and advised the attack was unprovoked. He told the Police Chief that he had received threats from McBride before, but this was the first time he had been attacked. Kluesner said he would be going to the hospital for his injuries and would go to the local police department to sign a sworn statement as soon as he could.

The reader is cautioned that allegations are simply that until proven otherwise in a court of law; therefore, the person(s) shown as arrested for the charges listed above should be considered innocent until proven guilty.


  1. I don’t feel like it was right or that you had permission to post Tony’s name in your article! I will not be reading any further post that this rag has in the future and will encourage everyone that I know to do the same.

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