Hometown Doughnuts to open April 1st, 2021

No, it is not an April Fool’s joke. A new business began by Terry and Carmen Hudson, which they have named Hometown Doughnuts, will open in less than two weeks on Thursday, April 1st.

Owners Terry & Carmen Hudson in the front of their new business, Hometown Doughnuts

The couple has long enjoyed a good doughnut, co-owner Carmen Hudson explained, saying that each of them grew up locally with a doughnut from Padgett’s Bakery being a real treat as a kid. Flash forward to recent years, and many of their weekend drives included stopping by a doughnut shop or two, her husband, Terry said.

The idea of opening their own doughnut shop began to solidify after Terry recently retired from the coal mine. He had always thought he would just have a hobby farm in retirement, he said, taking care of some alpacas, as he does today. But that all eventually changed — drastically.

When a bakery in Carmel, Indiana had a catastrophic decrease in sales because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as no way to install a drive-thru in their leased space there, the owner simply wanted out of the business disaster. That presented them with an opportunity to purchase the like-new, top-of-the-line, American-made equipment needed at a much more reasonable price. They had also looked for a suitable spot to locate the doughnut shop somewhere in Linton, but nothing really stood out — until the old Roosevelt Hotel was demolished.

The former People’s Trust Building will be the new home to Hometown Doughnuts

Carmen said, they were out driving around one day after the former hotel was demolished, and she happened to look over and could see the former People’s Trust Company building clearly from the intersection. They had considered the building before, but it seemed much more perfect now. It also offered the opportunity to install a drive-thru, as well, which was important as they had learned from the failure of the Carmel doughnut business they had purchased their equipment from.

But the drive-thru did not come without time and cost due to their planned layout of the shop and the need to remove two large safes from the building’s former banking years, Terry explained. Jackhammers, some specialized equipment, and several strong backs were required to move what amounted to literally tons of steel and concrete making up those two old safes.

Today, the building looks nothing like the former bank building inside. There is really no sign of its history either, except for a slight hump in the kitchen flooring, which Carmen pointed out was the transition from the old bank structure to the new construction to the building during its former banking era.

Otherwise, everything looks extremely clean and bright, and the shine of the new stainless gleams. Carmen has had the building’s new design in her head for a while now, and it was difficult at times to explain the details, but it all has turned out just as she had envisioned it, she said. For example, the brickwork in the front customer area is a throwback to the brick-lined street in front of the building that many may remember from Linton’s yesteryear.

On the menu, Carmen said they aim to offer a few other items, such as brownies, coffee, and biscuits and gravy, but doughnuts will be their main focus, of course. Breakfast time is when you will find them open, too, from very early each morning until a little after noon. The afternoons would be bedtime for them, so they could get up around midnight or so to start their day again the next day.

In parting the new establishment located on 1st Street SE, the Hudsons sent me on my way with a box of a dozen doughnuts made just this morning. Carmen was trying out a new peanut butter glaze on some cake doughnuts within the sampler they gave, she said, and I can report that the peanut butter glaze, as well as all of the doughnuts, were absolutely delicious!

The sampler box of doughnut made fresh this morning

The author of this article, Christopher M. Wathen, is a life-long Lintonian, having been born and raised in Linton, Indiana, and he is a regular contributor to The Lintonian. As a community writer for The Lintonian, he writes a wide variety of articles here. Chris also has written an eclectic mix of short books, as well. From a children’s book, to a racy romance, and his latest, YOUR HEALTH IS CRAP, are now available for purchase on Amazon.

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