Linton’s Main Street Gifts to remain closed for now

Several month’s ago when coronavirus first began to become news, Linton’s Main Street Gifts, which is located in the newly remodeled building at the corner of North Main Street and Highway 54, closed its doors. The windows have remained nicely decorated, though, and everything looks as if it could open any moment again, leaving many Lintonians asking, “What’s the deal?”

The Lintonian went looking for the answers. Nearby, just north of the gift shop at Smitty’s Barbershop, we stopped in but did not find answers with regulars saying they’ve see several people walk by, check the door, and then leave. That’s about all they knew. We were going to go across the street to the newly-opened Josie’s Cafe and Bakery, but after being warned how good the food was there at Smitty’s, it was decided it was far too early in the year to give in to temptation on our New Years resolutions just yet, so we decided to go directly to the source instead for our questions.

When asked recently about the Main Street Gift store’s closing via email, owner Vickie Doris simply said, “We closed at the beginning of the pandemic because it just did not make sense to put employee or customer’s health at risk for the sale of non-essential items.”

When probed for additional information about if the store was only temporarily or permanently closed, Doris went on to say, “We plan to stay closed until there is more of a resolution to the pandemic or at least until pandemic numbers are not continuously on the rise.”  Her husband, Jeff, a registered pharmacist, has served as the President of the county’s Board of Health for the past several years, and they have undoubtedly seen Greene County’s COVID-19 numbers rise.

According to the local hospital last week, there are still significant numbers of COVID-19 cases coming in to be treated. Although the age of eligibility for the COVID vaccinations has been reduced to age 70 and above, the local hospital and its clinics do not have access to the vaccine from the State of Indiana quite yet. See the embedded COVID update from hospital CEO, Brenda Reetz:

File photos: Main Street Gifts

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