New ultrasound requirement goes into effect January 1st

From the Office of the Indiana Attorney General:

Earlier today, the Indiana Attorney General, Curtis Hill, issued the following statement regarding a new Indiana law that goes into effect on Janary 1st, 2021, requiring ultrasounds at least 18 hours before women undergo abortions:

“My office successfully defended a challenge to this law by Planned Parenthood, which dropped a lawsuit against the state in exchange for the state’s agreement to refrain from enforcing the law until 2021 — giving clinics time to train staff on proper use of ultrasound equipment.

“We held the line in our commitment to respect women’s health and the sanctity of human life. Planned Parenthood folded because they saw the likelihood that they would lose their lawsuit if they persisted in fighting Indiana’s very reasonable and well-grounded law.

“For women considering abortions, ultrasounds are an important part of informed-consent counseling. Anyone interested in protecting women’s health, including their mental health, should support giving them as much information as possible to aid their decision-making. This new law serves to empower women with knowledge.”

Featured photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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