Bassler offers constituent survey, Hoosier job info, and online shopping reminders

From the Office of Indiana State Senator Eric Bassler:

My 2021 Constituent Survey

As the 2021 legislative session nears, now is a great time to share your thoughts on topics and issues facing Indiana by taking my 2021 constituent survey.

This survey contains questions on a variety of topics that might come up during the next legislative session as well as a space for comments where you can share any other thoughts.

I greatly value your input on these topics, and I always consider the feedback when voting on legislation.

Click here to take my 2021 constituent survey by Dec. 31.

The presence of a question on my survey should not be misinterpreted as indicating a position for or against an issue.

Indiana is Making a Strong Economic Recovery
Despite all of the uncertainty and challenges we’ve faced this year, Indiana’s economy continues to rebound, showing once again that we are a state that works.

The latest jobs report shows our state’s unemployment rate declined to 5% in October compared to just six months ago, when it stood at a record 17.5%. Our current unemployment rate is the lowest among our neighboring states and well below the national rate of 6.9%.

These numbers represent thousands of Hoosiers who are getting back to work and earning a livelihood. Though there are still far too many Hoosiers looking for work, these numbers show Indiana is making a strong turnaround thanks to the resilience of our workforce and entrepreneurs.

Online Shopping Safety Reminders
The increase in online shopping around the holidays provides cybercriminals the opportunity to steal sensitive data and use it for profits.

The Indiana Department of Revenueoffers Hoosiers several tips to shop safely online and protect personal information:

  • Avoid unprotected Wi-Fi, which may allow bad actors to view transactions.
    Shop at familiar retailers’ websites, which are generally sites with the “s” in “https” and that contain a lock icon in the browser’s URL bar.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails, which attempt to obtain sensitive information and often contain misspellings and bad grammar. You should always avoid clicking on links or attachments from unknown or suspicious sources.
  • Keep your devices up to date and safe, such as by using a trusted security software to protect against malware and setting your devices to update automatically to ensure they have the latest security defenses.
  • Use strong and unique passwords, which are different for each account and contain a minimum of 10 characters.
  • Use multi-factor authentication for accounts that offer it to add an additional level of security.

 To learn more on how to prevent identity theft, click here.

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