Photo highlights – Linton-Stockton High School 2020-21 Homecoming

Photo highlights from the Linton-Stockton High School’s Homecoming activities on October 2nd, 2020:

(1.) From left to right: Freshman, Claire McKisson; Sophomore, Cora Brinson; Junior, Morgan Raybern (later, she was crowned Princess); Senior, Ashlyn Hunley; Senior, Haley Rose (later, she was crowned Queen); Last year’s Homecoming Queen, Isabel Meek; Senior, Gillyan Tumey; Junior, Gentry Warrick; Sophomore, Ally Brownfield; Freshman, Brynn Anderson; (2.) Band and rifles crossing Highway 54; (3.) Miner football team leaving “the Helmet” (4.) American flags flying onto the field; (5.) Eli Poe running after a short catch; (6.) Morgan Raybern when her name was announced; (7.) Haley Rose being crowned by 2019-20 Homecoming Queen Isabel Meek with her brother, Brayton Rose; and (8.) the 2020-21 Linton-Stockton Homecoming Queen and Princess.

Photos by Austin Gordon Photography

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