Your horoscope – Libra (Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd)

SIGN: Libra

BORN: September 23rd – October 22nd

The symbol for Libra is a set of scales, true to the idea of Libras being charming, agreeable and diplomatic. You seek to find a positive in every situation and enjoy finding new ways to create and spend your time. Contrary to the way you may present yourself, balance is not always easy for you to find in your personal life. Much like an uneven scale, you may find yourself behaving in a manner which suggests every situation is ‘all or nothing’. Try and think before you act, considering consequences can be very helpful if you are unsure of whether what you want to do will work.

Perhaps you work better in pairs, providing that much needed balance of the scales. Unlike some, you have the capacity to be a team player, engaging with others and enjoying the dynamics of a community. Try relying upon others when you need it, rather than feeling that you have to stay out-of-kilter and resolve problems on your own. You may have enough wisdom to work alone, but the assurance and company of others will make resolving issues a far more pleasant experience.

The autumnal period of Libra season epitomizes their character, representing a harmonious transitory phase. The autumn equinox occurs during Libra season, a time when daylight and nightfall occur equally. This repose and equanimity are present in the Libra personality, often projecting the sense that they are an old head on young shoulders, not one to make rash decisions, somebody who knows themselves and trusts in their own decision-making abilities. As a cardinal sign, you set others right with your elementary and cerebral behavior, you know how to hold your own and express your values in a constructive and progressive way.

With the planet of Venus ruling, passion runs deep for you. You seek enjoyment and satisfaction in everything you do. This can be difficult, especially when you find yourself with tasks you don’t particularly enjoy, but you tend to gain the necessary satisfaction from the rewards you reap at the end of a job. It may be hard to fight through the pain which with time will help you cease to have bad habits but understanding the benefits of developing yourself in the long-term should act as the incentive for these tasks. Perspective is important for you, for you are wise but sometimes lack the pragmatism and practicality to act according to your well-thought out beliefs.

Photo credit: Pixabay on Pexels