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Greene County Broadband Readiness Plan released to public

It is no secret that the internet has became part of our daily lives, personally and professionally. That is why governments have been looking at “internetting” rural America, just as “electrifying” rural America was the focus several years ago. Earlier this year, the Greene County Broadband Readiness Plan that was adopted by the County’s Commissioners.

According to Brianne Jerrels, the Executive Director of the Greene County Economic Development Corporation, “The intention of this planning grant was to help communities gain an understanding of their current broadband conditions and needs, create a long-term vision of broadband in their community, and identify options for achieving that vision. Greene County was 1 of 5 communities chosen for this pilot program through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.”

Jerrels went on to comment, “We were very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to go through this process!” That process she is referring to yielded a 166-page document, as embedded further below. For anyone wanting to review a paper copy, Jerrels said, “Hard copies are available in the libraries in Linton, Jasonville, and Worthington… and in the town halls of Bloomfield, Lyons, and Switz City. The Auditor’s Office also has a copy in the Courthouse.”

Featured photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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