Elementary asks parents to not drop off early, parents to wear masks too

In a message to parents sent this morning, Linton-Stockton Elementary School Principal, Kent Brewer, requested parents to drop off students at the appropriate times, or wait with their children in vehicles until the school’s doors open at 7:50AM each morning.

Also of concern was parents not wearing masks as they delivered their children to the entry doors. While students are already required to wear masks outside the classroom, the principal requested that all adults walking their students up to the doors wear a mask, as well.

His note from this morning is shown below:

We are working hard to keep your children safe at school.  In the name of safety, we have made many changes to our procedures to keep your children safe. 

One of these changes is not opening the doors until 7:50 AM and asking your students to walk straight to their classroom to limit the contact between students.  Parents, we need your help in keeping our kids safe.  Please do not release your child from your car until 7:50 AM. 

We have too many students waiting at the back door making it hard to stay socially distant and they are waiting unsupervised near traffic.  Some students are being dropped off as early as 7:30 AM.  I know many parents are on their way to work when bringing their children to school.  You may need to make alternative plans for your children in the morning since we have changed the procedure that the doors will not open until 7:50 AM.   

Second, we need all adults to wear their masks when walking their children up to the school door and when picking your child up during dismissal. 

Please remember these new procedures are for the safety of your children.  I truly appreciate your trust in our staff at LSE to keep your children safe.  We all must work together for the safety of our students!

Featured school flag photo is The Lintonian file photo, 2020
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