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9 one-tank trips Lintonians will love

Indiana is blessed with several interesting and unique places to visit.  Some you may have visited, even more than once, while others may be new to you. 

As summer has now officially arrived, we all enjoy those “one-tank” trips for fun with friends and family. To be more exact, these places are all within 100 miles of Linton, Indiana:

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

For all of you history buffs out there, take a drive about 90-some miles south of Linton and you will be able to explore the Angel Mounds State Historic Site. This well-preserved Native American site has a history dating back to about 1,000 AD. It is said that this area could be easily protected from outsiders because of the natural barrier of the Ohio river on one side, and a vast marshland on the other.

Cataract Falls State Park

The upper and lower falls of the Cataract Waterfall make it the largest waterfall – at least by volume — in the state of Indiana. Located less than 50 miles northeast of Linton, this is a must-see sight that features an upper and lower falls. With only a small fee to enter the park, you can take your family up for picnics or even on a short nature trail to do some exploring in between the falls.

Clayshire Castle

Want to relax for a weekend up in Bowling Green, Indiana? Why not stay at a castle, which features unique, medieval-themed rooms complete with gourmet breakfasts included in your stay. While you’re there, you can enjoy playing lawn chess, soaking in the cedar hot tub, hiking and walking the nearby trails, and even see exotic felines at a local rescue center not far away.

Ernie Pyle WWII Museum

Head on up to Dana, Indiana for another trip to learn about American history at the Ernie Pyle Museum. Here you will be able to see the birthplace of Ernie Pyle, who was a journalist that later became a war correspondent. He wrote about the struggles that soldiers in World War II faced, and if you go to this museum you will be able to discover some of his writings for yourself.

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat

Drive about 70 miles east to have the time of your life on some epic ziplines at this extraordinary retreat! There is fun to be had for all ages here, including ATV rides, or even some challenging mountain biking trails.

Lake Monroe

The bald eagle population is very much thriving here in Indiana. Take some friends or family members to Lake Monroe, which is just about an hour east of Linton, in order to see over 15 eagle nests around the lake. This is a great place to explore and watch wildlife in action right before your very eyes!

Monastery Immaculate Conception

About 70 miles southeast of Linton, the Monastery also known as “Castle on the Hill” can be seen. This immaculate building was founded in 1867, and it is certainly a sight to behold. It is on the national register of historic places, so you can bet it will be around for many generations to come. Not only can you visit the historic site, but you may also explore the beautiful gardens outside at your leisure. Also on the grounds is St. Benedict’s Brew Works, a very unique craft brewery that also offers hot wings, pizza, and Bavarian Soft Pretzels.

Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge

For some more outstanding wildlife views, head down nearby to the Patoka Wildlife Refuge. You can see thousands of acres of wetlands and habitats for various birds and other animals. It is a real treat that can truly take your breath away. Come connect with each other in the great outdoors and experience some wonderful sights for yourself.

Turkey Run State Park

The Turkey Run State Park is about an hour and a half drive north of Linton. If you have never experienced the 5-mile challenge, then set a date to go as soon as you can. There is so much to see when you hike the Turkey Run State Park Ladder Trail, which spans a little over five and a half miles of rugged terrain. Taking this hike will allow you to experience Boulder Canyon, Camel’s Back, the Punch Bowl, and much more. Be sure to bring shoes that can get wet because there are also several stream crossings along the way.  And can you say “canoeing”?  The park offers canoe rentals, along with plenty of miles of water to make a day of it.

We hope you enjoyed this list of “one-tank” trips.  Perhaps , the list even provided an idea or two for a weekend getaway.  Many only cost the tank of gas to get there, and others require only a small admission fee. We also hope you enjoy summer vacation with your friends and family this year. Stay safe, healthy, and happy out there!

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk from Pexels

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